**PLEASE NOTE:** Due to changes in UK import/export procedures we are no longer able to receive reels for repair or upgrade from International customers or the Channel Islands.

Servicing and Repairs
We specialise in servicing tournament, beach and light boat reels, in particular the popular distance reels manufactured by the likes of ABU, Daiwa, Penn, Shimano and Akios.  A full service will include a full strip down and clean of all parts, with inspection for wear before lubrication and reassembly.  Where requested, we can contact the customer to discuss the options and costs and obtain the owner's agreement prior to carrying out work and fitting new parts.  Our servicing charges for a range of the popular models are detailed below, for other models please contact us for a quotation. Please note that while we are happy to repair and service Fixed Spool reels many models can be difficult to secure spares for and many cheap imported Fixed Spools are uneconomical to repair so we suggest customers contact us before sending these in for work.

ABU Ambassadeurs up to 6500, Akios 656 and 555, Millionaire 6HM and 7HT (Not the 7HT MAG) - £15.00 (inc VAT) plus the cost of return postage and any required parts.

ABU Ambassadeur 7000, Akios 757 ,Daiwa 7HT MAG and SLOSH - £17.70 (inc VAT) plus the cost of return postage and any required parts.

TSM II, Saltist 20 and 30, Penn 525/535 MAG, Fathom 12/15, AVET SX - £19.50 (inc VAT) plus the cost of return postage and any required parts.

Fixed Spool Reels - Min £18.00 (inc VAT) plus the cost of return postage and any required parts. Please check that we are able to service your Fixed Spool before sending out to us as parts are not available for many fixed spool models now.

We are also able to repair the same range of reels and have a minimum charge of £10.00 (inc VAT) per small repair plus the cost of parts and return postage.  If preferred we can carry out a full service on damaged reels at our normal service charge (which will cover all labour costs for repairs) ensuring that your reel is completely checked over and returned to you in the best mechanical condition possible.

Please note that repairs on some older models can take some time as parts can be very difficult to source.  We recommend that customers contact us to discuss repairs prior to sending in their reels as we can advise on likely costs and spares availability.

Upgrades and Tuning
We are able to fit any of our standard range of tuning and upgrade parts (including our Magnet Brake Conversions and the CT conversion of cages) to customer's reels; charges for these services start at £10.00 (inc VAT) per reel plus the cost of the parts required and return postage.  Please contact us prior to sending in a reel to discuss the cost and compatability of the upgrades you require and the options available for your model of reel.

Receiving and Dispatch of Reels
Please ensure that your reels are well packed and enclose a completed copy of our Reel Repair and Service form with your reels when sending them to us.  A blank copy of this form can be printed off using the link below. We also advise that you send your reel to us by a tracked courier or postal service with adequate insurance in case it is lost or damaged in transit.

All reels are returned using insured services with an appropriate level of insurance to cover loss or damage in transit.  In most cases this means that we use Special Delivery (Guaranteed delivery by 1pm next day) or Hermes Tracked Services.  We charge at cost for return postage though we are required to charge VAT on postage to UK destinations.

As a guide the delivery charges for an average sized multiplier such an 18 Saltist 30H to mainland UK would currently be approximately £11.50 (inc VAT) with Royal Mail Special Delivery, insured up to a value of £750.  We will, where the value of a reel is within the insurance limits of standard postage, use cheaper postage services to reduce costs to the customer (currently we are able to send small reels insured up to the value of £150 for approximately £5.00 inc VAT).

Open Our Reel Repair Form

We accept payments processed online through Paypal or Nochex and can accept all major Credit and Debit cards.  Invoices are issued electronically via email once the work is completed.  We no longer accept cheques however at our discretion will will also accept postal orders so long as they are not crossed.  If you wish to pay using a Postal Order, please contact us for our payee details prior to sending your payment.

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