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Well..with minimal use my mag elite had started to scream casting 140 yds on a casting court. More talented individuals were casting 220 yds with much quieter reels. Cleaned original bearings and still the same. Ordered a set of these, arrived next day. Next time out reel was a lot quieter, Im learning new stances and style so a control environment is not possible to compare distances. It clicked what they were saying about moving feet to aid body rotation and therefore compress rod before the casting stroke. This was the first time Id done this so youd expect my style to be jerky. After 3 casts, standard magnets set at 2 I got to 161 yards with a quiet reel and no hint of backlash. 2 drops of yellow RF and reel is under control. Ill order another set for my other reel soon, Ill update this in 6 months when I can include longevity. I thought Id end up with an out of control reel, this is not the case and Im left to think about my cast not my reel. I bought these as they seemed to be the best, as long as they last Ill put them in all 3 of my reels.

Rated by andy thompson
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