A Tournament Knobby Mag Brake Conversion Kit to convert the popular Penn 525 Slidey into a knobby mag version; it will also fit the 525GS. This kit is of the screw in type and requires you to remove the ratchet and slidey brake assembly then open out the ratchet switch hole to 8mm to accomodate the knobby mag.

This is a popular conversion with tournament casters, particularly those in the US, the kit carries a single rare earth magnet which winds off anti-clockwise 0.8mm per turn of the knob; 4 turns from full on to full off.

The knob and spacer are manufactured from machined black acetal (engineering plastic) which matches the reel side plate and will not corrode; the remainder of the components are of brass or stainless steel so this kit is ideal for angling use.

We are able to fit this product with 2 strengths of magnet; Standard (tournament and competent casters) and Improved (less experienced casters and general fishing use).

Please make sure you pick the correct options at the bottom of the page when ordering.

Each unit is supplied with full fitting instructions.

Please note that sideplate pictured is not supplied with this kit.

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