These Abu Ambassadeur Tournament Spool Shims have been custom made to our own, improved specifications and are based on the early, flat profile spool shims fitted to the Ultracast and Rocket models of the early 1990's. The older shims carried the same part number as the later domed shims.

These tournament shims ensure that the spool bearing sits correctly in the spool, allowing it to function smoothly and increasing spool speeds. It also ensures (unlike the current curved model supplied by ABU as standard, Part No 11957) that there is no compression of the shim towards the drive side of the reel under stress, which can cause the spool to move off centre during the cast.

In addition to their flat profile these shims also have on oversized centre hole to ensure they can only contact the outer housing of the bearing therebye not interfering with the free rotation of the spool.

Please note: When replacing the current curved spool shim supplied by ABU you may need to fit two of these shims to retain enough adjustment to centre the spool correctly on some models.

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