A Tournament Knobby Mag Brake Conversion Kit for dome sided Abu 5000 and 6000 series of reels including the left hand models. This kit is of the screw in type and requires you to drill an 8mm hole in the side plate of your reel. The kit has angled inner and outer spacers which ensures a secure fitting to the popular domed side plate models and is very easy to fit.

The all brass and stainless steel construction makes it ideal for fishing or the tournament field and the single rare earth magnet winds off anti-clockwise 0.8mm per turn of the knob; when spun up the reel spool will spin for approximately 15 seconds with the brake full on and anything up to 2 minutes at full off.

Although the clicker / ratchet needs to be removed if you wish to fit this kit in the traditional position for casting it can be retained by positioning the kit through the lower half of the side plate as in the picture below.

Each unit is supplied with full fitting instructions and an online tutorial can be found here.

Also available in a clockwise wind off version to special order - please choose the appropriate wind off options at the bottom of the page.

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