A precision engineered Custom Speed Bullet for the ABU Rocket, Elite and Mag Elite reels. It replaces the white plastic cog on your spool end and the small brass speed bush in CS models, thus greatly reducing friction and the windmill effect of the original cog. It will also fit any flat sided 5500 or 6500 with bearings in the spool.

A speed bullet is an essential part of any CT Conversion. The reduction in friction and removal of the windmill effect caused by the nylon cog will increase spool speed and allow increased casting distances to be achieved.

This particular design is different in that it is machined to length to automatically centre your spool. It is simply placed into your left side plate (from the outside) and the tension cap is screwed down hard onto it, you adjust the play on the spool using the right tension cap only. This design provides more stability and helps to prevent the spool rubbing on the side of the cage in the first moments of the cast.

Please Note: On some older models the Bullet may apprear to be too long when it is fitted. This is because the spool shim (which sits behind the bearing on one side of the spool) was fitted on the opposite side on early models - simply place the shim behind the bearing on the opposite side of the spool to fix the problem.

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