Our new bearing baths are the ideal way to thoroughly clean the spool bearings on your favourite reels.  This model is designed for use with bearings that have a 3mm inside diameter; the shaft will hold a total of 6 x 3mm inside diameter bearings which makes it ideal if you have a need to clean multiple sets of bearings at a time.  Tournament casters will no doubt find it useful for preparing their reels for tournaments and casting days.  Simply slide the bearings on the the shaft with a spacer between each bearing, and secure them lightly in place with the knurled nut; the stop nut at the top of the shaft can be wound forward to make life easier if you only have only one or two bearings to flush at a time.  Half fill the 30ml bottle with your chosen cleaning solution (acetone, lighter fluid and brake cleaner are all popular), secure the cap and then flush out the bearings by shaking vigorously.  If your bearings are particularly dirty replace the contaminated fluid with fresh and repeat to give a final rinse.  Dispose of used fluid responsibly.

This bearing bath will clean the spool bearings on the following reel models and any others that use spool bearings with 3mm inside diameter.

To fit the following ABU reels with bearings located in the end caps made after 1981.
4500C - 4500CB - 4600AL - 4600CB - 5000C - 5600 - 5000CDL - 5001C - 5500C - 5500CA - 5500D 5500DA - 5500ST - 5600A - 5600AL - 5600C - 5600CA - 5600CDL6000C - 6500 - 6500C 6500A - 6500CA - 6500CA - 6500CT - 500ST - 6600C - 7000 - 7000C - 7500C - 7500CT - MAG I - MAG 2 - 321 - 322 - 521 - 522 - XLT1 - XLT2 - U MAG 1 - U MAG II - 1021 - 1022 - 821 - 822 - PROMAX 1600
CALCUTTA (All models except CT-50/51 cast cap) - CALCUTTA TE (All models) - CARDIFF (All models) - CURADO & CURADO BSF (All models) - CASTAIC & CASTAIC SF(All models) - CITICA (All models) - CHRONARC (All models) - CHRONARCH SF (All models) - SPEEDMASTER IICFS (All models) - TLD 20 - TLD STAR 1530 - TLD STAR 2040 - TRINIDAD 20 - TRINIDAD 30

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