The Original Red Gill was designed by Alex Ingram in the 1950's. Since then the Ingram family has continued to manufacture these internationally acclaimed lures in the Cornish Fishing village of Mevagissey in South West England. Due to its unique tail action the eel provides a life like imitation of an injured sand-eel making it irresistible to large predatory species.

The Redgill as a very adaptable lure and can be jigged or trolled from a boat, cast from the shore behind a lead or a wedge or cast and retrieved near the surface behind a bubble float or powerball. The 115mm size is my personal favourite for Schoolies but they will catch Pollack, Coalfish and even large Mackerel.

Each eel comes mounted on a good quality hook of the appropriate size for the eel.

Pack contains 2 eels.

Colour: Green / Silver

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