This screw in type knobby mag kit for the popular Daiwa Saltist reels requires the complete removal of the centrifugal brake drum and the ratchet assembly on your reel; only the bearing and the shim remain in place. The ratchet switch hole is opened up to 8mm, the inside of the hole then has to be cleaned flat with a dremmel.

The all brass and stainless steel construction ensures that there are no corrosion issues with this kit and with the standard magnet version fitted the spool of the reel will spin for approximately 3 seconds with the brakes full on. They can be adjusted off about 6mm which should be more than enough for most anglers.

The kit will also fit the Saltist 50 with a larger magnet fitted. If you intend to fit this kit to a Saltist 50 please make sure you select the improved braking option below. Likewise we recommend the improved braking option if you are fitting the kit to the Saltist 30.

We can fit this product with 2 strengths of magnet; Standard (Maximum performance for competent casters) and Improved (safe setting for general fishing use).

Please make sure you pick the correct options at the bottom of the page when ordering.

This kit is NOT suitable for the Daiwa Saltist 18 30H and 20H models.

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