A Knobby Monomag conversion for Daiwa SL20SH and SL30SH reels.  This kit is of the screw in type and requires the permanent removal of the ratchet mechanism on the reel.  Once you have removed the ratchet components the knobby mag is fitted simply by enlarging the ratchet switch hole to 8mm using either a drill or a small round file.  To produce the required braking effect the supplied aluminium disc also has to be fitted to the end of the spool with a couple of blobs of glue; the design of the disc means that the balance of the spool is maintained.

The knobby part of the kit is of brass and stainless steel construction which makes it ideal for fishing and the single rare earth magnet winds off anti-clockwise approximately 0.8mm per turn of the knob; when spun up a test reel span for approximately 3 seconds with the brakes full on and 12 seconds at brakes full off so this kit has more than enough stopping power to tame these popular reels in all fishing conditions.

Please note that this kit is designed to work with the SL20SH and SL30SH which are fitted with carbon spools and WILL NOT work with the Daiwa SLX20SHA, SLX30SHA, SLX20SHV, SLX30SHV, SL20SH-A and SL30SH-A reels which are fitted with aluminium spools. We offer a different kit which is designed specifically to fit those models.

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