This is a much higher spec knobby mag than our standard kits. This kit is of the screw in type and requires you to drill an 8mm hole in the side plate (and cage in the case of the 7HT and 7HT Turbo) of your reel. What makes this kit a bit special is that it carries a slightly stronger magnet than our standard kit which allows you to apply more braking to your reel when fishing but it can still be wound off enough to provide the required performance for the tournament field, as it has an amazing 12.8mm of adjustment.

The all brass and stainless steel construction ensures that there are no corrosion issues with this kit and the single rare earth magnet winds off approximately 1mm per turn of the knob.   These kits are available MADE TO ORDER and are generally dispatched within 3 to 7 days of your order.  We can supply versions to fit the Penn 525/535, Shimano Triton Speedmaster TSM IIC FS, Daiwa 7HT / 7HT Turbo, Akios Models or Flat Sided ABU reels with clockwise or anti-clockwise wind off. Please make sure you pick the correct options at the bottom of the page when ordering.

Each unit is supplied with full fitting instructions. Side plate not included.



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