This is our all new home-fit Monomag kit to fit the very popular Daiwa 18 Saltist 30H and 20H reels. This kit retains the clicker and also, thanks to the design of the reel, the centrifugal braking mechanism can be left intact allowing you to use dual system braking if you require.

The kit itself is a screw in type knobby mag kit which requires an 8mm fitting hole to be drilled through the side plate. The housing and mag shaft are manufactured from brass and stainless steel to guard against corrosion and the kit is finished off with a dark blue 10mm tall anodized adjuster to match the colour scheme of the reel. We are able to supply this kit with a custom stainless steel adjuster if required (please select the appropriate option from the drop down below).

When fitted correctly this kit will slow the reel sufficiently to reduce spool spin times to approximately 3 to 5 seconds with the brakes full on. They can be adjusted off sufficiently to make the reel more than fast enough for any competent caster.

The kit is supplied with full fitting instructions.

Please make sure you pick the correct options at the bottom of the page when ordering.

This kit is NOT suitable for the older Daiwa silver and black and gold Saltist models.

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