The new Carbontex drag washers from Smoooth Drag are a new generation of carbon fibre drag washers. The high quality carbon fibre drag material is the perfect combination of unrivalled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance.

Carbontex may be used dry or with a very light coating of your favourite reel grease.

This kit includes 1 washer which are a direct replacement for the standard Okuma parts fitted to following models.

Avenger ABF 1000 20A 20B 3000 500, Avenger AV 10b 15, Inspira IA 15 20
Inspira ISX 20B 20B-CL 20R 20W 20W-CL, Inspira IS 15, Trio LE 20
Ceymar CBF 1000 500, Ceymar C 10 10WH 10CL 20, Metaloid MD 16
Ceymar CXT 10, Ceymar CHD 1000A, Epixor EPL 20, Granite GR 15, Halogen HG 15
Epixor EF 15 15a 20a, Epixor EPXT 20, Avenger 1000CL 100LEa 1000A, Azaki 20
Ignite IT 10a 20, Aria 20a 20aCL, Scorpio SP SPa-10, Fuel FSP 1000, Alaris ALS 20
Safina SPa-10, Stinson Si20, Stratus SGT 15, Stratus SV 10CL, Tundra TBF 20A
Tundra TU 50 65, V System V 15 20, Acuador FS15, Alumina AL 15 20
Aveon AE 15 20, Californian TC 10b 15a 20a, Californian TCP 20a, CS 10CL

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