These self adhesive Seatbox Fish Measures are made from a high quality 5 yr digital printed vinyl and are laminated for protection. The ideal solution for those times in a match when you realise you've left your regular measure in the car or when it's just out of reach and you need to quickly measure and sign in your fish before bringing in the next fish.

Our new fish measures are 46cm long which is ideal for the largest of team seat boxes but can be cropped to 39cm to perfectly fit within the lid recess of the Shakespeare Beta box and is plenty big enough unless measuring conger or hounds. The measure also has a handy and easy to use 'minimum landing size' chart so that at a glance, you can see whether or not your fish is big enough to retain to eat or include in the competition.

The measure would be equally at home on any flat, non-porous surface such as boat, bait boxes etc.

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