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A set of six aluminium alloy Gold Socket side plate screws to fit Penn Fathom Star Drag 12, 15 and 25n models. They fit both Fathom SD and FathomII SD models but NOT the Casting Special. These gold anodised screws have a hex head, include nylon screw washers and add spot of colour to your reel. The heads take a 2.5mm hex key.

The set includes the following.

3 x Left Side Plate Screws (replace Penn Part #39-FTH20LW)
6 x Side Plate Screw Washers (replace Penn Part #38A-FTH20LW)
3 x Right Side Plate Screws (replace Penn Part #38-FTH20LW )

Please Note: These screws are made from aluminium alloy and therefore should not be tightened as heavily as the standard stainless steel screws. We advise that you thoroughly grease the threads before fitting this screw set.

Colour - GOLD.

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