A single replacement ZR02 Full Ceramic line roller bearing which replaces the standard Shimano part on the reels listed below. Unlike stainless steel bearings full ceramics do not corrode and are quiet and long lasting. They are oiled with light oil and will still need occasional cleaning and re-oiling to keep them free of grit and dirt.


To fit the following Shimano reels.
Stradic 1000FE, 2000FE, 4000FE, 2000FG, 4000FG, 5000FG, 6000FG
Sustain 2000FB, 2500Fb, 4000FB, 5000FB, 6000FB
Spheros 4000FA, 3000FA Syncopate 4000FD, 2000FD, 1000FD
Solstace 4000FH, 2000FH, 1000FH, Sahara 4000FB, 2500FB
Sedona 4000RB, 2500RB, 6000FB, 8000FB, 4000FB, 2500FB
Spirex 4000RD, 2000RD, 1000RD, 2000RB, 4000RB, 1000RB, 4000FD, 2000FD, 1000FD, 4000FB, 1000FB
Symetre 4000RH, 2000RH, 4000RG, 2000RG, 1000RG, 4000FH, 2000FH, 6000FG, 5000FG, 4000FG, 3000FG, 4000FD, 2000FD, 1000FD
Thunnus 16000F, 12000F, 6000F
Exage 6000FC

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