This Gearbox Upgrade and Service Kit provides a full set of replacement bearings for the Akios Nitron reel. Although these reels are built to work hard it makes good sense to service them regularly and to replace bearings at regular intervals rather than to wait for them to fail. The original solid drive bush is replaced with a roller bearing to reduce wear on the drive shaft.

In addition to a set of gearbox bearings this kit also provides a carbon drag upgrade at the same time. Although the larger washers are made from the excellent carbon matrix material the lower washer (under the main gear) is made from poor quality red card which lets down the rest of the drag. This kit includes a genuine Carbontex replacement washer from smooth drag which will increase the overall performance of the drag.

Parts included in this kit are:

1x EWC One way bearing (Schematic #58)
1x Stainless Steel Pinion Bearing (Schematic #38)
1x Stainless Steel Top Pinion Bearing (Schematic #2)
1x Stainless Drive Bush to Bearing Upgrade (Schematic #45)
1x Akios Drag Part (Schematic #52) Carbontex Upgrade

Apply a liberal amount of grease to the stainless steel bearings prior to fitting. The one way bearing should be lightly oiled internally and greased on the outer surface. The carbontex washer can be fitted dry, however you will experience better performance if it is lightly greased with a PTFE based grease such as Cal's Tan.

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