Cal's 2 Speed Conversions are well know across the world for their big game reel conversions and servicing but they also supply excellent reel grease for both drags and gears. This set 5 gram Service set provides enough grease to service an average reel and is designed for those anglers that just want enough to do a single service. The two resealable pots carry 5 grams of each of the following.

Universal Light Reel Grease (Purple) offers great protection for your reels from corrosion, is fortified with Teflon and Polymers and is ideal for the gears and internals on fixed spools and small multipliers, especially in cold weather, when the original "Cal's" tends to thicken and make light reels feel very stiff to reel.

Universal Reel and Star Drag Grease (Tan) offers maximum protection from corrosion, is fortified with Teflon and Polymers and offers superior heat and wear resistance on larger reels. It is safe to use on all metals and plastics and is recommended by Smooth Drag for use with their replacement carbon drag washers to provide a smooth and constant drag system on your reel.

Kit contains one 5 gram pot of each product.

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