Eccentric Kit to fit 515 and 525Mag2 Reels. As parts for the older USA 525Mags are no longer available this kit can be used to upgrade older USA reels also but the complete kit is required.

Please Note: The cam on this upgrade kit will be very slightly larger than the old version and you will need to use a small round file to enlarge the hole in the side plate slightly to accommodate the new cam. You only need to take a small amount as the difference is under 1mm. If you have any doubts please contact us prior to fitting the kit.

The kit includes the following parts:

019 525M2 (1216239) - Eccentric
021 525M2 (1214704) - Eccentric Lever
022 525M2 (1214705) - Eccentric Screw

Please check your schematic to ensure this is the correct part for your reel.


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