The Magic Grip Multi-socket is the reel repair tool that everybody should have in their tool box; this tool has saved me countless hours of struggling with various handle nuts etc and will undo pretty much any size and shape nut within its size range.

This innovative socket is full of spring loaded pins that depress around the nut shape allowing it be used on all shapes and sizes of nuts in it's range, including the various indented handle nuts on Penn reels and making it particularly useful where nuts have been rounded and damaged. With this tool there is no more trying to bodge an undersized spanner or socket to fit a turned nut and many of the manufacturer tools become redundant.

The socket can handle nuts between 7mm and 19mm (1/4' to 3/4') and has a 3/8' drive. It comes with a 3/8' to 1/4' drive converter allowing it to be used in a 1/4' multihead or electric screwdriver as the higher torque ranges of a spanner are rarely needed on fishing reels. Where higher or accurate torques are needed it is compatible with standard 3/8' sockets and torque wrenches.

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