The new Carbontex drag washers from Smooth Drag are a new generation of carbon fibre drag washers. The high quality carbon fibre drag material is the perfect combination of unrivaled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance.

Our washer sets are all made from genuine high quality Carbontex material from Smooth Drag in the USA (we are an approved Smooth Drag dealer) and the washers are all machine cut to precise specifications as opposed to many of the cheaper, roughly cut washers made out of poor quality carbon matrix.

Carbontex washers may be used dry or with a very light coating of your favourite PTFE based reel grease. Smooth Drag recommend Cal's Drag Grease which we also sell. For those users looking for a "quick" drag, Carbontex is a good replacement for standard washers. Although a Carbontex fitted drag will need a little more tightening to lock up, it allows for a much smoother application of the drag in comparison to solid washer materials such as PTFE or solid carbon sheet. We're confident that once you've tried a set of Carbontex washers you won't want to fit anything else.

This kit is a direct replacement for the standard fibre drag washers supplied by Quantum for their Cabo 60 and 80 reels.

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