CorrosionX for Guns is not just good for guns, it's also an excellent lubricant and rust inhibitor for fishing reels. It is particularly useful on small one way bearings that fail when lubricated with grease and on the main clutch roller bearings of fixed-spool reels.

It decreases fouling, lubricates and protects mechanisms and parts even better and longer than products fortified with PTFE.

Sticks to metal like a magnet to prevent rust ... even in the rain and salt spray.

Unmatched Cleaning, Lubrication and Protection from Rust and Corrosion for fishing reels. Extreme performance and protection to stand up to the most demanding extreme angling environments.

CorrosionX for Guns comes in a 4 fl oz (118 ml) plastic bottle, with an applicator tip making it easier than ever to apply the product, and get maximum protection and performance.

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