A pair of Ceramic Hybrid Replacement ABU Legacy Spool Bearings (3.175x10x4) - manufactured in stainless steel with ceramic balls. Rated to ABEC5 and 100,000 rpm.

These are a quality, fast running bearing supplied pre-oiled.


To fit the following ABU reels fitted with solid bronze bearings (ABU Part No 5143) located in the end caps and produced in the 1960s/70s.

5000C - 5000C - 5000D - 500D - 5000DL - 6000 - 6000C - 7000 - 7000C

Please Note: You will usually find that a lack of clearance makes these bearings a very tight fit unless the spindle ends are worn. We suggest that the spindle ends are "reduced" very slightly by turning the spindle ends in oiled emery cloth if required. This will allow for a better fit.

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