A pair of Ceramic Hybrid Replacement Penn 525 Mag T and 515/525 Mag2 Spool Bearings - ABEC7.

Manufactured from 440C Stainless Steel with Ceramic SI3N4 Balls these are high quality bearings at a very low price (due to them being sent out with storage grease rather than being supplied dry). Simply flush out the storage grease and either run dry for the field or with your preferred bearing oil for the beach.

We have limited stocks of these and once they are gone they are gone!

Replaces Penn Part No: 055L-965.


These bearings fit the following reels:

Penn 525 MAG
Penn 525 MAG 2 and 3
Penn 515 MAG 2 and 3
Penn 975
Newell 500, 3.2 and 600
Fathom 12 and 15
TRQ 15

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