Manufactured to precise specifications TG's Ceramic Rocket Bearings carry the International ABEC 7 rating, are manufactured dry, and run far smoother and quieter than their steel counterparts, providing much better performance than standard bearings.

Simply replace the existing Steel Bearings with TG's Rocket Bearings and treat them in exactly the same manner as the old Steel Bearings. The only difference is the sound, speed (up to 50% faster) and overall performance achieved when casting using TG'S Rocket Bearings.

These bearings fit the following reels and replace Penn Part No 055L-965.:

Penn 525 MAG
Penn 525 MAG 2 and 3
Penn 515 MAG 2 and 3
Penn 975
Newell 500, 3.2 and 600
Fathom 12 and 15
TRQ 15

If your model of reel is not listed, or you are unsure of which bearings your reel requires then please contact us before ordering.

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