With a total of 4 sealed bearings (2 in each knob), and mounted on a seriously strong polished stainless steel shaft the new pattern Roundball Power Handle gives smoothness & strength to deal with whatever comes along. The new curved pattern grips make it all the more comfortable to use than previous models.

This handle will fit ABU Ambassadeur 4500, 5500 and 6500, Ultra Mag I, II, III, Daiwa Millionaires, TSMII, Akios Reels, Omoto Chief, TG F1 and F2 and other makes of reel.

Shaft Length: 90mm.

Please note: These handles require either an ABU chrome handle fixing kit or the TG Rocket equivalents - if in doubt please contact us prior to purchasing and we can confirm if your current handle fixings are suitable.

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