The new Long Life 5.3:1 Gear Set from the Rocket Reel Company comprises a main gear manufactured from marine grade stainless steel complimented with a Phosphor Bronze Pinion Gear, providing a smooth, quiet gear train that will equal if not surpass all stainless steel gear sets for longevity and smooth running. The Rocket Reel Company chose to manufacture their pinion gear from Phosphor Bronze because its lower friction coefficient reduces the gear wear that results in using stainless steel for both gears and prevents the seizure problems that commonly occur when a stainless steel pinion and spindle are combined.

They will fit both the Rocket Reel Company's own models, the Akios 5 and 6 series models and the ABU Ambassadeurs; they can replace both the standard 5.3:1 and 6.3:1 gear sets used by ABU and Akios and are a significant upgrade to the standard parts in respect of longevity. Please note however that although these gears will provide for increased gear life, they do not transform the reel into a rough ground reel as strain would just be transferred from the gears to the existing standard parts which are not designed for heavy ground fishing.

These parts are custom made for the Rocket Reel Company in the UK and the gears are also available to purchase seperately on our store. Please note that you will need to change BOTH gears to replace a 6.3:1 gear set.

Main and Pinion Gear

Made in the UK.

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