This stainless steel bearing is a direct replacement for the Shimano Drive Gear Bush (Shimano part No RD4004) and allows you to upgrade the models listed below to a dual bearing drive.

Made from Stainless Steel these bearings are supplied pre-greased - the bearing can be re-lubricated with the grease or heavy oil of your choice.

Will fit the following reels that are fitted with Shimano Part No RD4004:

Shimano Hyperloop 6000

Spheros 5000FA, 6000FA, 8000FA, 12000FA, 14000FA, 5000FB, 6000FB, 8000FB, 14000FB, 18000 FB, 8000PG

Sedona 6000FB, 8000FB

Socorro 6000F, 8000F, 10000F

Titanus - XT10000

Ultegra 10000XSA, 12000XSA, 10000XSC, 14000XSC


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