This is an economy one-way bearing to replace the stock Instant Anti Reverse Bearing pressed into ABU 5000/6000 series and TF Gear right hand side plates.

If fitting to an ABU you will need to lock the bearing into the side plate boss with bearing lock compound or epoxy glue to prevent them turning in their housing (ABU use a custom made, slightly oversize bearing and as these bearings are a std 14mm OD bearing they will rotate if not fixed), however, they are a direct replacement for the TF Gear HF1008 one way bearing and a press-fit into TF Gear reels fitted with this bearing.

To fit, your old bearing is pressed out and simply replaced with one of these (take care to make sure it is in the right way). If fitting to an ABU ideally they should be fixed in place with a specialist bearing fixative such as Loctite 641, however a few light smears of epoxy glue down the side of the bearing will also firmly fix it in place. Glue should be used VERY sparingly as it can be difficult to remove the bearing if too much is used.

With TF Gear reels, simply press out the old bearing and press in the new replacement; no fixative should be needed.

We are also able to offer a fitting service for this part and free advice on fitting - please email us for details.

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