Supashrink shrink tube handle covering provides a durable and effective handle covering on any bare bones beach rod at a price most cost-concious anglers will like.

It has much better shrinkage than most of the cheap shrink wraps available on the market, will comfortably shrink over rod butts from 30mm diameter down to 15mm diameter and hence will shrink down enough to fit the butts of slimmer diameter rods such as the Tip Tornadoes and Zziplex Bass rods.

Please Note: You will need to use a decorator's heat gun to generate enough heat to shrink this product down to the smaller diameters as hot water or hair dryers do not generate sufficient heat.

This tube is priced per metre, simply update the number of metres you require on your item listing in checkout to receive the appropriate length of tube you require and it will be supplied in a continuous length (i.e. 4 x No of item = 4 metre length).

Fits butts approx 30mm to 15mm diameter (for lower range you will need a heatgun and more than one heating).

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