This ABU Left Hand Wind Crossover Conversion Kit replaces the current fittings on your Ambassadeur 4501, 5501 and 6501 left-hand wind reel allowing the reel to be built around a stock right-hand wind factory converted CT cage. A simple and quick conversion for those left-handed anglers and casters that want a CT cage but don't like CT Bars and studs.

With one small modification to the 6501 brake plate, and switching the standard screw fittings for the thumb screws supplied a left-handed reel can be fitted to a right-handed CT cage in less time than it would take to fit a traditional 'cut and shut' CT Bar and Studs.

The kit includes 6 x red thumbscrews, 1 x stainless steel side plate plug and fitting instructions (CT Cage and Reel NOT Included). A full tutorial on how to fit the kit is available here.

Thumb Screw Fittings


Converted 6501 Left-handed Reel on a 6500 CT Cage

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