The new Carbontex drag washers from Smoooth Drag are a new generation of carbon fibre drag washers. The high quality carbon fibre drag material is the perfect combination of unrivaled stopping power, silky smoothness and outstanding consistency, with a high heat tolerance.

Carbontex may be used dry or with a very light coating of your favourite reel grease.

This kit includes 3 washers which are a direct replacement for the standard Shimano parts fitted to following models.

Stella 2500FD, 3000FD, 4000FD, 2500FE, 3000FE, 4000SW, 4000SW XG, 4000FE, 3000FB Fireblood 2500FA

Stradic 2500FJ & FK 3000FJ & FK 4000FJ & FK, 5000FJ, 2500FKHG, Ci4+2500FA, Ci4+3000FA, Ci4+4000FA, 2500HGFK, Ci42500HGFB, C3000HGFK HGFB, Ci44000XGFB C5000XGFK

Sustain 2500FG 3000FG 4000FG 5000FG 2500XGFI 3000XGFI 4000XGFI 5000XGFI

Twinpower Ci42500FA, Ci44000SFA, 4000SWA, 4000SW

Saros 2500FA, 3000FA, 4000FA

Vanquish C3000F, C4000F, Biomaster 4000FB, SW5000PG, C5000FB, 3000SFB, 2500FB

Rarenium Ci42500FB, Ci42500FB, Ci4+3000SFB, Ci4+4000FB

Aero 4000SPFA MAFA FDFA HGFA, Ci4+4000, Ci4+4000XG

Technium 4000FD, C5000FD, 40000FD, 3000SFD, 2500FD, Exsense 4000MXG

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