The Original Red Gill was designed by Alex Ingram in the 1950's. This new pattern features a special new soft but tough plastic compound that not only gives the lure its unique fish catching action but prevents the lure from falling apart after only a couple of captures, prolonging the lures life.

The extra strong, super sharp internally weighted hook not only increases the lures fish catching action but allows the lure to be worked closer to the sea bed with less chance of the lure snagging up. Due to its unique tail action the eel provides a life like imitation of an injured sand-eel making it irresistible to large predatory species.

The Redgill as a very adaptable lure and can be jigged or trolled from a boat, cast from the shore behind a lead or a wedge or cast and retrieved near the surface behind a bubble float or powerball. This Cod and Pollack selection pack contains a selection of five Eels ideal for targeting those species.

Supplied with Sakuma hooks.

Pack contains 5 Eels - 178mm / 7" length, 17g

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