Stainless Steel ABU 5500 Tournament Spool Spindle, supplied complete with custom end clip.

These spindles are one piece and manufactured from marine grade stainless steel to reduce spindle flex and distortion.

They are suitable for both field and fishing use.

Replaces ABU part No 802630 and will fit most ABU Ultracast 5000 and 5500 models.

Please Note: These spindles are not suitable to be used on CS model reels with the level wind and ratchet in place. If you wish to fit them to a CS reel then you will need to either drill out the side plate centre (dome sided models) or the CS Bullet (flat sided models) and ratchet cog to 4mm to accept the end of the spindle. Alternatively you can fit a CT type bullet that has a 4mm Internal Diameter and remove the ratchet and levelwind.

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