This is the largest 4-DVD collection of Fishing Reel Schematics available anywhere in the world! Almost 10,000 Reel Schematics from 1933 to 2011, and 1,100 manuals all packed onto one easy to use DVD! That's over 17GB of schematics all available in one DVD Collection! Stop the endless searching for schematics needed for ordering parts for your repair work or for reassembly when you just can't seem to find where that spring goes. We spent over 9 years researching, scanning, converting and documenting thousands of fishing reel schematics from manufacturers all around the world, to bring you the largest collection of Fishing Reel Schematics available anywhere in the world, and we didn't stop there! Our collection is so large and contains reels going back so many decades that our collection is the only one of its kind that exists in the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.

Many reel manufacturers don't even make their schematics available to the public, many still don't have them in an electronic format. If you purchased this huge collection of reel schematics separately from reel manufacturers it would cost you thousands of dollars. Daiwa alone charges an average of $100 for one year of schematics, and you get 34 years worth of Daiwa schematics in the set giving you over a $3400 savings on just one manufacturer and you get 46 manufacturers on our DVD.

Whether you own a reel service center, a professional angler, or any fisherman that wants to take care of his or her gear, then this is a DVD collection that you simply cannot afford to pass up. Hundreds of repair shops and anglers around the world have purchased our schematic collection to improve their business and maintain their gear. Year after year customers come back to us wanting the next years edition! Never before has such a collection of fishing reel schematics ever been offered to the public.

Schematic from
Abu-Garcia Reel Schematics
Alcedo Reel Schematic
Accurate Reel Schematics
Alutecnos Reel Schematics
Alvey Reel Schematics
Antal Reel Schematics
Ardent Reel Schematics
Avet Reel Schematics
Browning Reel Schematics
Daiwa Reel Schematics
Daiwa Vintage Reel Schematics
Dam Quick Reel Schematics
Eagle Claw Reel Schematics
Everol Reel Schematics
Fin-Nor Reel Schematics
Grauvell Reel Schematics
Hardy Reel Schematics
Lews Reel Schematics
Mitchell Reel Schematics
Ocean City Reel Schematics
Okuma Reel Schematics
Peetz Reel Schematics
Penn Reel Schematics
Pinnacle Reel Schematics
Precision Auto Reel Schematics
Progear Reel Schematics
Qualia Reel Schematics
Quantum Reel Schematics
Rapala Reel Schematics
Red Pig Reel Schematics
Relix Reel Schematics
Ryobi Reel Schematic
Scientific Anglers Reel Schematics
Shakespeare Reel Schematics
Shimano Reel Schematics
Silstar Reel Schematics
South Bend Reel Schematics
Tica Reel Schematics
Zebco Reel Schematics

Other Schematics and Manuals


This collection was made possible by years of compiling data and scanning schematics. All reel schematics are available in the internationally recognised Adobe PDF format or in high quality jpg images. Some schematics are over 55 years old so we take our schematics seriously and provide only the best there is to offer in a format that everyone can read.

Please note that the DVds supplied are designed to be used with Windows software, however Linux/Ubuntu users can browse the schematics by installing an open source program called XPDF reader.

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