This Deluxe High Grip Textured Shrink Tube is the Rolls Royce of shrink tubes and will finish off any rod perfectly giving a luxurious, textured high grip rod butt. Its much softer to the touch than even the Diamond Wrap tube we sell, provides a much better grip and has a much warmer feel to it. It shrinks well and will go down enough to fit the butts of slimmer diameter rods such as the Tip Tornadoes and Zziplex Bass rods. There is enough tube in this 1.5 metre length to do a full length butt or two or three abbreviated butts.

Please note: This shrink tube is measured at 30mm nominal circular inside diameter. When fitting to a rod butt you will need to allow a certain amount of slack to allow you to slide it on the rod butt so in practical terms it will fit butts up to approximately 26 - 27mm maximum diameter.

BLACK - 1.5 metre length

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