These Stainless Steel CT Conversion Studs will finish off any ABU Ambassadeur 7000 series tournament frame conversion. They are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and require no specialist tools to fit, though you will need to remove the top bar of the cage carefully to ensure you do not enlarge the existing holes in the reel cage.

These are a slightly different fit to our previous chromed brass studs and will require the removal of the small tab present on the hole on the left side of the cage with a small file. Both studs will then require fixing with a small amount of either Super Glue or Araldite to hold them in place.

You may also need to replace the left hand side plate screws for later chromed or stainless screws if your reel has an anodised screw set, as these are often longer than standard and will not fit these studs. Please contact us for advice if in any doubt about the fitment of this product.

Full fitting instructions are included and an online tutorial can be found here.

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