Rocket Spools are manufactured in the UK to The Rocket Reel Company's own design and specification; precision engineered to ultra-tight tolerances (microns!) and with an absolute perfect balance.

The 6000 Series Rocket Spools have a redesigned spool profile to reduce the problem of the line getting trapped between the spool and cage, especially when using .31mm line. Please note that it is advisable to make adjustment to your mag settings when fitting one of these spools to compensate for the difference in specifications from the standard ABU spool. Generally you will need to increase your braking to some degree.

The 6000 sized Rocket spool is now only produced to their High Capacity specification which has now been beefed up slightly to prevent distortion from thumb pressure and weighs 16g as against the standard 20g; this represents a weight saving of 30%.

6000 Series Black Spool - High Line Capacity.
Supplied Bare.

PLEASE NOTE: These spools will accommodate the fitting of a spool cog and therefore can be used in reels that have level wind and/or ratchet fitted.

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