The new and improved MK2 Tripod Spooling Station is designed to fit on the Gold's Tripod or any beach tripod with approximately 15mm outside diameter legs.

To load your storage spools of line (the Spooling Station can hold either a single kilo or half-kilo spool or two smaller 4 oz spools at any one time) you simply unscrew the metal shaft to slide on your spools between the conical spacers and then set the tension with the spring and adjuster, which is locked with a grub screw.

Ideal for the keen caster who wants an easy and convenient method of respooling or for those emergencies on the beach as the Spooling Station can be left set up in your tackle box and then just clipped to your tripod all ready for use.

Those customers that purchased the MK1 Spooling Station can get their Station upgraded free of charge to the new MK2 version - simply send us back your MK1 station along with details of your order number and we will send you a MK2 version Free of Charge.
Tripod Spooling Station

Tripod Spooling Station Tensioning System
Tripod Spooling Station Clip System

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