The Shakespeare Cypry free spool reels are a popular model with carp anglers. Incorporating engineering excellence they are perfect for the specialist sea angler looking for a value for money light fixed spool. As well as spinning and float fishing the free spool function is perfect for ultra light ledgering for fish that hit the bait at top speed. Shakespeare have combined an aerodynamic spool design with 5 ball bearings to provide an effortless retrieve with 2 aluminium spools supplied as standard. This Cypry free spool reel reflects Cypry quality and value and has the feel of a much more expensive product.

Line Capacity - 15lb/230 metres

· 5 Ball Bearings
· Retrieve Ratio of 5:6:1
· One Way Clutch System
· Double Handle plus Standard Handle
· Anti Reverse
· 1 x Regular Aluminium Spool
· 1 x Aluminium Spare Spool
· Micro Adjustable Freespool Function
· Ambidextrous

Our Price - £25.99

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