We offer a range of replacement bearing sets and individual bearings for ABU fishing reels. Poor condition bearings cause premature wear of other reel parts and reduce the performance of your ABU fishing reel.

Stainless Steel Replacement ABU / Shimano Bearings 3x10x4 ABEC3

A pair of Stainless Steel Replacement ABU / Shimano Bearings (3x10x4) - rated to ABEC3.

Pre lubricated with oil.



TG Rocket Bearings - ABU End Cap Reels

Manufactured to precise specifications TGs Ceramic Rocket Bearings carry the International ABEC 7 rating, are manufactured dry, and run…

TG/F1 F2 Replacement Stainless Steel IAR Bearing

The new saltwater resistant stainless steel one-way bearing from the Rocket Reel Co will fit TG/F1 and F2 right…

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