Our range of upgrade parts and accessories for Shimano reels. Although most Shimano reels are generally not considered a Tournament reel upgrades for the ever-popular Speedmaster 2 are in demand.

Replacement Shimano TSM II Screw Set

A replacement Shimano TSM II Stainless Steel Side Plate Screw Set. Replaces all of the main side plate…

Shimano Triton Speedmaster Knobby Mag Conversion

A Tournament Knobby Mag Brake Conversion Kit to fit the Shimano Triton Speedmaster TSM IIC FS and IIFS. …

Shimano TSMII Sideplate Screw Washers - Pack of 4

This set of four nylon washers are a simple way to prevent damage to the finish of your TSMII…

Shimano TSMII Stainless Steel Left Side Thumbscrews

A set of four Shimano TSMII Stainless Steel Left Side Thumbscrews. These custom thumbscrews look great and make…

TG Rocket Bearings - Shimano Reels

Manufactured to precise specifications TGs Ceramic Rocket Bearings carry the International ABEC 7 rating, are manufactured dry, and run…

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