Rocket reel parts are manufactured in the UK and are available to fit ABU Ambassadeurs and the various ABU clones. Most of the upgrades supplied are actually standard specification on the Rocket Reel Companies own reels.

TG Rocket Fuel Yellow Label Reel Oil

TG Yellow Label Rocket Fuel was the original product released by the Company and was designed initially for the…

TG-F1 ABU Bearing Drive Shaft Set

The new TG-F1 ABU Bearing Drive Shaft Set from the Rocket Reel Company is manufactured to a high standard…

TG/F1 F2 Replacement Stainless Steel IAR Bearing

The new saltwater resistant stainless steel one-way bearing from the Rocket Reel Co will fit TG/F1 and F2 right…

The Rocket Reel Company Reel Bag

A well made 6500 size padded reel bag from the Rocket Reel Company. Ideal to protect your…

Tournament Spool Spindle End Clip

Spare Tournament Spool Spindle End Clip to fit Rocket Reel Co Stainless Steel Tournament Spool Spindles.

PLEASE NOTE: these will…

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