Metal lures such as the Dexter Wedge are seen as old fashioned by some but they are durable, cast well and catch fish such as Bass Cod, Mackerel, Pollack and Coalfish.

Jaxon Sea Trout Ace “ 20 Gram “ Green

A well made wobbling type lure with a stuck on eye, red tag and mackerel stripe pattern. Designed…

Metal Flounder Spoon “ 70mm

These 70mm Metal Flounder Spoons are tied in on the snood between 4 and 8 inches from the hook…

Set of 4 Bass Wedges - 4 x 21 grams

A set of 4 classic Bass Wedges from WSB Tackle. An extremely useful set of lures with a good…

Silver Bass Wedge - 77 grams

An economy version of the classic Bass Wedge from WSB Tackle. An extremely useful lure with a good finish…

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