Sea Fishing Articles

Tournament Converting An ABU Ambassadeur Reel Cage

How To Fit An ABU Knobby Mag Brake Conversion Kit

How To Fit An ABU Centre Mag Brake Conversion Kit

Fitting A Knobby Mag Conversion Kit to a Dome Sided ABU

Fitting A Knobby Mag Brake Conversion Kit To A Penn 525 GS

Servicing and Tuning the Daiwa 7HT Mag Braking System

Fitting an Ambassadeur 6501 LHW to a 6500 Factory CT Cage

Sea Fishing Links

A Sea Anglers Notebook - My very own sea fishing blog.
East Anglia Sea Angling - The blog and general information site of Ian (Aitch) Holmes.
UK Fishing Blog - Interesting sea fishing blog covering all aspects of the sport.
Casting Sites - Tournament casting news from the Jersey Casting Club.
United Kingdom Surfcasing Federation - Homepage of the UKs leading casting body.
Leader Lines - East Anglian sea fishing message board and catch report site.
Lure Fishing UK - Lure fishing forum with a lot of general lure fishing tips and information. - A useful international forum packed with advice on all aspects of rodbuilding.
The Sea Anglers Clubroom - Our very own sea fishing forum for east coast sea anglers.
World Casting Forum - Tournament casting forum hosted by the Jersey Casting Club.
World Sea Fishing - Popular UK sea fishing forum.
Operation Sea Angler - The online version of the now famous publication.
Reals Reels - A very interesting site with a wealth of information about ABU and their reels, past and present.
Bad Angling - The numpties guide to sea fishing. The funniest sea angling site on the web without a doubt.
Reel Schematics
Pure Fishing - ABU reel schematics.
Nutter Rod and Reel - A US site with many schematics from major manufacturers.
Weather and Tides
The UK Met Office - Inshore waters forecast for UK waters.
River Blackwater Live Weather - Live weather feed from the Blackwater Sailing Club in Essex.
UKHO Tide Times - Free 7 day tidal forecasts from the UK Hydrographic Office (Easytide).
Angling Services and Directories
Find Fishing Resources With The FishCollective - Fishing boats, fisheries, fishing lakes, fishing holidays, fishing supplies, fishing tuition, angling associations/clubs/societies.
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